Anxiety, Depression... our problems

I see many patients who have anxiety issues and some depressive moods. I think this is a universal problems we all face more or less every day.

Some may need to take medication to regulate themselves to just to get on the start-point, and some may not need medications, but feel the need of some encouragement or validation  that they are not alone.

Many times, when people feel anxious or depressed, they feel that they are alone in this predicament. In reality, it is not quite true. 

We all have some sore spots and these spots may be different one person to the other. We all have different approaches and solutions to the problems that we face. We are all different in these aspects, but we somewhat suffer the same feelings.

Fear, anxiety, success, money, work... We suffer because we feel we are not enough...and feel the same. We all have same emotions. 

We like some emotions like happiness and we do not like some emotions like sadness. 

In these senses, we are all the same.

We may be different when we feel happy, sad, or scared. What makes us happy, sad, or scared may be also very different but we all do feel happy, sad, or scared in our life.

This very simple reality we tend to forget, or even we do not admit.

This is where I work as a therapist to help people get insights into our predicaments and emotions. There is no secret to it, but we are so blinded by other things, so we don't see this simple truth.